Bed mover trolley - made in the UK

Bed mover trolley - made in the UK

The Bed Mover Trolley from Caremed Alrick is a handy way to move profiling beds when there are obstacles such as narrow doorways, corridors or confined spaces.

Save your technicians and housekeeping staff time, our bed carrier trolley provides a platform for safe easy bed transportation, including sturdy anchor points to secure the bed to the trolley while in transit. 

Using a very stable winch to raise and lower the bed, and a sturdy mobile platform to move the bed, this trolley is a useful tool for service technicians, EBME teams and rental teams.

It can also be used to store beds for a period of time, thereby taking up less space, and when they need to be in use again, you can easily transport them to the right ward or room.

Our bed mover trolley's are made right here in the Midlands.  They come with a grey powder-coated frame (not green), and have a push handle to make moving the trolley as simple and easy as possible.  You can choose an optional winch (depending on the weight of the beds you are moving) and the trolley has front swivel castors.

For more information visit our manual handling page here.