Aiding efficiency in the Emergency Department

Aiding efficiency in the Emergency Department

The ED is a fast-paced and critical environment where efficiency is paramount to delivering timely and effective care to patients. Utilising the right equipment plays a crucial role in streamlining workflow, reducing wait times, and improving patient outcomes.

Equipment can play a vital role, and here we have some of the equipment we offer to try and help you run your ED as effectively as possible.  All the equipment below is available through the NHS Supply Chain catalogue – either via a code or via a URN – and can also be purchased directly from us if you would prefer.

Our full NHS Supply Chain range can be viewed here

Resus trolley - main advantages

Increasing efficiency this resus trolley has all the accessories easily attainable to reduce manoeuvres and intervention time.  The emergency trolley has six drawers, divided by adjustable partitions, complete with emergency tamper proof lock. 

On one side there is a lateral folding shelf, complete with waste bin and oxygen bottle holder.

Saddle stool

Saddle stools are designed to reduce the risk of back pain by providing support to our backs, necks, and hip.  Ideal for ED HCP’s. 

Our saddle stool has a padded seat, covered with washable fabric and 5 double non-marking castor wheels.  The height adjustment is from 45 to 55 cm.

Hospital cabinet for NHS Supply Chain

With tempered glass doors, this hospital storage cabinet is ideal for organising and arranging medicines and surgical devices. 

Made of steel sheet and varnished with epoxy powders (which have a high resistance to mechanical stress, corrosion and chemical agents used for sanitization and maintenance operations in hospitals).

Modsel Contour recline chair

A Multi-purpose treatment, transfer and recovery chair ideally suited for ED.  This chair can be used to take a patient straight off an ambulance trolley, diagnose a patient and treat them or move them to another ward – eliminating the need for a bed AND a chair to diagnose. 

A truly versatile care chair to streamline medical procedures and recovery across many wards and departments. 

The Modsel has a 460 - 840mm height range with lie-flat and forward / reverse tilt and glide away dropside arms with no protrusions. And with steer/brake pedals on both sides, it is so easy to manoeuvre a patient between wards.