5 key advantages of ultra-low profile beds

5 key advantages of ultra-low profile beds

Used in both care home settings and hospital trusts, a profiling bed is one which is sectioned – allowing the head rest or legrest to be moved independently.  Our range of electric profiling beds are popular and most are ultra low, meaning they can be lowered very close to the floor. 

We also offer a range of bariatric beds such as the 2400 which have a safe working load for patients up to 300kg.  

1.  Low profiling

Often known as floorline beds, these hospital or care home beds are ideal for elderly residents or patients who suffer with dementia, Parkinson’s, epilepsy, Huntington’s disease; or any other disease that has uncontrollable seizures and spasms. 

It is far safer for the resident or patient to be lower to the ground in case of falls.  Our EN7 bed is ultra low with a low height of just 100mm from the floor to 725mm as its highest height for ease of treatment by HCP’s.

2. Chair position

When the bed is profiled into a chair position; so the backrest is right up, and the foot end of the bed is lowered right down, it is as close to a seating position as is possible in a bed.  This allows a patient or resident with very little mobility to sit into a comfortable near-seated position and be able to socialise, watch TV, read a book and have medication administered.

 seated position on EN7 bed

3. No end towers

Because the ultra low profile beds we sell and hire out have no end towers, this allows better visibility for both the residents / patients of their surroundings, and also HCP’s who are popping in to check on a patient or resident, day or night.

4. Removable headboard

The headboard on the beds can be easily removed, which allows emergency procedures such as intubation to take place quickly and safely, without needing to move a patient.  The ultra low beds also feature electric forward and reverse Trendelenburg.

5. No need for siderails

If there are policies in Care Group or Trust to minimise or remove the use of side rails, then floorline beds are ideal. This reduces the risk of entrapment for the resident or patient, but allows the resident or patient to still sleep or relax safely in bed.  


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