3 best care chair options for improved mobility

3 best care chair options for improved mobility

We are asked on a regular basis which are the best care chairs in our range.  Every patient and their needs are different, so we have compiled a list of the top 3 most popular care chairs in order to either #earlymobilise patients, or to improve mobility long term. 

The benefits of care chairs which allow and encourage moveability are numerous; reducing the patient’s length of stay, increased blood circulation, greater joint and muscle mobility and greater patient autonomy.

Mobilise CH5® care chair

Our new early mobilisation CH5-S chair is made right here in the UK, thereby reducing leadtimes, airmiles and allowing us to be as innovative as possible.  It has all the features you would expect from an early mobilisation care chair, and a few added extras thanks to feedback from HCP's on the current early mobilisation chairs available.

The clinical chair allows simple pat sliding from bed-to-chair and chair-to-bed thanks to its 100% layflat feature and easily removable arm rests – which have been described as ‘dreamy’ to remove! 

A retractable legrest means that patients find it far easier to get from sit to standing, it has a hi-lo range of 490-790mm, a footplate and a safe working load of 160kg (25 stone).   With twin wheel castors you can safely and easily take a patient outside.

We also offer the CH5-L which has a SWL of 250kg, and an extended seat width of 660mm.

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TX26 multifunctional chair

The TX Series of care chairs have been designed with the patient and their wellbeing in mind. The ergonomic design is made with sculpted polyurethane foam which encourages even distribution of weight during use.

The ever-popular TX26 has been specifically designed for patients with reduced mobility, working well in acute care settings. This care chair is equipped with height adjustment through a hydraulic system driven by a simple and easy to use foot control mechanism.  Manually adjustable headrest and armrests, and a seat width of 540mm, the safe working load of this multifunctional chair is 175kg (27 and ½ stone).

The TX26 can be laid flat to 160 degrees as well as moving independently into various positions. Due to its wide range of accessories, this clinical chair is versatile and can be adapted for the specific needs of each user.

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Mobilise CH4® chair

Our Mobilise CH4® care chair is a perfect ward chair, particularly wards that contain elderly and/or frail patients.  The hi-lo range is more significant than the CH5, so the low position is 470mm, which allows for smaller patients to enter and exit the chair far easier. 

The chair lays 100% flat which is useful for pat sliding and also offers Trendelenburg. The material used on the care chair is soft touch Dartex ® Endurance material – so easy to clean, but built to last.  The chair seat offers a high level of pressure care for patients.  Its built in a honeycomb shape with gel inserts in each, so it doesn’t move when the seat is tilted, unlike a liquid seat. 

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So whatever you are looking for, it is worth bearing in mind what your care chair needs are, and then choosing the most suitable chair for your department.

On all of the above care chairs we offer rental, leasing and purchasing options, please get in touch here for more information.