Many hospitals, both private and NHS run, regularly hire / lease healthcare equipment and when you consider the benefits, it seems a perfect solution.

1. Access to the latest equipment without having a large one-off payment

If you have a patient in with quite specific needs, renting equipment is an option.  From tilt tables to Mobilise chairs from £35 a day, depending on the patient’s needs, rental allows you access to the latest equipment. It also means you can bring in the equipment much quicker than the sign offs and approvals needed to making a significant one off payment for a specific piece of equipment.


2. Suitable for patients who are only with you in the short term

Some patients are in hospital for a short period of time.  With the NHS prioritising day surgery and trying to clear the backlog of surgeries that the pandemic built up, intensive care beds are at a premium, the sooner a patient can be moved onto a ward and then home, the better.  Our Modsel trolley’s are ideal for day surgery, particularly the endosurge trolley which is ideal for ENT specialists.  Added to this, we have chairs and other equipment suitable for early mobilisation.

3. No servicing and repair costs

Having a vital piece of healthcare equipment comes with extra responsibilities, including servicing and repairs.  If a piece of equipment is rented, it will be delivered to you in pristine condition, as quickly as possible, and any servicing or repairs that need to take place will be done by us when the equipment is not being rented or trialled, or we will replace the piece of equipment whilst repairing.

4. Maintaining quality care with the latest technology

Vital healthcare equipment can be a big investment; upgrades, product development and updates are a regularity and to ensure you always have the latest piece of equipment, rental can be a big advantage.  A prime example is the Modsel bariatric porter chair. A porter group fed back that it would be useful to have a removable arm on one side of the chair when they were renting it.  Within a  few weeks, the manufacturer had created a removable arm for the chair which we then were able to attach to the chair in question.

5. Saves space - no storage costs when the piece of equipment is not in use.

We’ve all seen cupboards overflowing with healthcare equipment not currently in use.  Also, if you haven’t used a piece of equipment for a while but it is vital for a new patient, has it been moved to a different department or ward, or is it in storage?  If you rent the equipment you can send it back when it is not needed, and re-rent when you do need it.  This allows you to manage patients and treatment more efficiently.

6. Equipment can be delivered and picked up with 48 hours (if you use Caremed Alrick!)

We strive to deliver and pick up rental equipment within 48 hours.  With our Rea Azalea chairs we also adjust them for the patient coming in before they arrive (if we are given the correct measurements).  This means your priority is not on getting the equipment in, but treating the patient in question. 

To order a rental, please get in touch with us here or visit our website and add the products that interest you and click request a quote.