TX care and recovery chair accessories

TX care and recovery chair accessories

 The TX multifunctional care & recovery chairs have been designed with the patient and their wellbeing in mind. The ergonomic design of each is made with sculpted polyurethane foam which encourages even distribution of weight during use.

We offer 5 different TX chair options, depending on the needs of your patients and colleagues:

The TX26 and TX25 care chairs, both manual and electric, are perfectly suited for patients in high dependency wards who are being early mobilised.

The TX15 and TX10 are two popular ward & recovery chairs which are ideal for patients who are more mobile.

The hospital chairs deliver reassurance and ease of functionality for patients during their recovery, with the end result being improved mobilisation and the reduction of risk of contact pressures. All chairs can be ordered through the NHS Supply Chain catalogue, just click for more details.  

And they come with a wealth of accessories that make them even more versatile.

IV stand and clamp

  • Made from stainless steel.
  • Adjustable in height.

Oxygen cylinder holder

  • The cylinder holder is made of chromed steel and is suitable for 3 litre bottles.
  • Supplied with hooks to be fitted to the back of the chair or underneath the chair (depending on the TX chair chosen).

Activity / meal tray

  • Made of polycarbonate
  • Ideal for mealtimes or activities
  • Plastic brackets for insertion into the chair

Adjustable head support

  • A relaxing ergonomic headrest with adjustable height.
  • Increases comfort for the patient.

Phlebotomy arms

  • Arms can be moved 20cm up and down.
  • The arms move in and out depending on where the arm needs to be positioned.
  • The chair arm is moulded with a dip for ease of blood removal

Colour options available

The TX care chairs can be ordered in any of the colours shown above, enabling you to choose a colour of therapy chair that matches with the rest of your ward furniture.