What are the running costs of an early mobilisation care chair?

What are the running costs of an early mobilisation care chair?

Rest easy, the early mobilisation chairs we stock and manufacture and are used in HDU, ICU/ITU, neuro or ED are built to last! 


Most of the early mobilisation chairs are easy to clean. The Mobilise® CH5 clinical chair has easy-to-remove seat covers, allowing you to clean the plastic underneath – all of which have gone through rigorous infection control teams and tests. 

A mini video of the process of removing the cushioning to clean can be seen below.


Regular servicing, as you would with a car, means the clinical chairs will remain in good condition and small issues can be dealt with before they become bigger issues. 

We have Sertain’s in ICU’s throughout the UK that are in their 9th year, so these care chairs can really last if they are looked after and serviced. 

Our service packages are available on this link here, and the more early mobilisation chairs that are in it, the cheaper the cost becomes.


We visited a hospital that had 3 Rea Azalea wheelchairs that had been out of action for 6 months as they were in need of repair -  just left in a storage – no budget for new wheelchairs, and these were pretty easy to fix with the right tools and expertise. 

You can book a repair in with us really easily using this form and we should come out to you within a week of the PO. 

Alternatively, if you have engineering or repairs on site, we offer LiveChat on our website which allows a technician to talk through the issue with one of our technicians and normally it can be sorted with a few tech videos or some instruction.


On all early mobilisation chairs we offer, we also sell spare parts to go with it.  This could be something extra – like an accessory. 

Perhaps you could do with an IV pole on the early mobilisation chair so you can transport your patient, or maybe an activity tray so when they sit out they can eat or partake in activities. 

Sometimes we find that hospitals inadvertently lose head rests or footplates – well we have replacements in stock that we can get sent out to you quickly.


The material on multifunctional early mobilisation chairs is really robust, but sometimes they can be torn by another piece of equipment, or just wear due to constant use.

The Mobilise CH5® is covered in fortitude® material - Fortitude® is machine washable, shrink and odour-resistant, breathable and anti-microbial. 

With a few of the early mobilisation chairs we stock, they do need to be fully re-covered if a tear appears.  However, with the CH5 care chair, we have split the chair into 4 parts, so each part can be re-covered separately, reducing costs and it means the clinical chair will be out of action for less time.

So running costs per year on an early mobilisation chair can range from £200 to £400, depending on its age, whether it has been regularly serviced and how it is treated.