The advantages of a recovery chair post-surgery

The advantages of a recovery chair post-surgery

A recovery chair is a real advantage post-surgery, offering a range of advantages that can make a patients’ healing process swifter and more comfortable. Here are some of the key benefits:

Enhanced comfort and pain management:

Ergonomic design: Recovery chairs are specially designed to provide optimal support post-surgery or illness. This can help reduce pressure points, prevent straining, and alleviate pain.

Multiple positions: Many recovery chairs recline, elevate legs, and tilt, allowing you to find the most comfortable position for your patients specific needs. This can significantly improve their pain levels and general comfort.

Reduced strain: For a patient, getting in and out of regular chairs can be challenging and painful post-surgery or illness. Recovery chairs have features such as height adjustments and tilt sit to standing to make that motion far easier.  

Improved healing and recovery:

Better circulation: Certain positions in a recovery chair, like reclining and elevating legs, can improve blood flow throughout the body. This increased circulation promotes faster recovery.

Reduced swelling: Elevation can also help reduce swelling in affected areas, minimising discomfort. This can allow for improved range of motion, easier physio (if needed) and potentially quicker discharge.

Overall wellbeing and independence:

Maintained independence: Prolonged bed rest is thought to reduce the ability to walk independently, and could hasten loss of physical function and increase deconditioning. Deconditioning in older people with frailty may start within hours of their lying on a trolley or bed*.  Recovery chairs can help you regain your independence faster by making daily activities like standing, getting dressed, and using the bathroom easier.

Boosted mood and spirits: Feeling comfortable and independent can have a positive impact on your patient’s mental well-being, helping them to stay positive and motivated during recovery.


Of course, the specific advantages of a recovery chair will depend on the type of surgery your patient has undergone and their individual needs.  We offer a number of recovery chairs which are ideal post-surgery or illness.

For someone who has been very ill, our early mobilisation chairs are ideal.  We offer the Mobilise CH5 and the Modsel contour recline chairs.

For patients recovering from surgery who may be a day patient or perhaps only in for a few days for routine surgery, we offer multifunctional recovery chairs, such as the Modsel contour recline chair, or the TX26 or TX25E chairs.


* British Geriatrics Society, May 2017