Lunch and Learn – could this benefit your team?

Lunch and Learn – could this benefit your team?

Here at Caremed Alrick UK, we have been working with the NHS, Care Homes, Private Hospitals and OT's and Therapists for over 14 years both selling and renting out our healthcare furniture.

We pride ourselves on not only providing excellent quality products, but also servicing and repairing the equipment we provide, so they continue to help patients and healthcare professionals alike.

Here’s an example of a set up for a lunch and learn event we held for one of our clients…Caremed Lunch and Learn…March ’19

How does it work?

  1. Let us know what you need, or what your issues are, and we will bring equipment with us that will help solve those issues.
  2. We provide a lunchtime 12-2pm mini-exhibition format session where therapists, nurses, carers, EBME and so on, can trial / discuss / use our specialist seating / mobilisation / rehab equipment whilst enjoying a tasty, nutritious lunch (provided by us).
  3. You provide a training room (or similar).
  4. We work together on the format / times/ numbers.
  5. You give up some time to come and talk to us about the healthcare equipment we have bought with us and we will give you a demonstration.

After this you are welcome to trial any products that are of interest to your ward / unit.

We have received some great feedback on these lunch and learns, partly because it gives you vital time to talk and catch up with your colleagues, but also because you get to try lots of interesting equipment!


I'm interested, contact me about L n’ L