Lease or purchase the Mobilise® CH5 or CH4 in the 2023/4 financial year?

Lease or purchase the Mobilise® CH5 or CH4 in the 2023/4 financial year?

Here at Caremed Alrick we offer both options, and whilst purchasing has always been the traditional route, leasing is ever popular in many NHS and private hospital settings.

The benefits of leasing equipment


Sometimes the process of finding the right multifunctional early mobilisation chair, then getting it signed off internally once the money is obtained is a long and laborious process.  Not so with leasing.  You can agree a 3 to 5 year term, with or without maintenance included (though the lease does require proof of maintenance) and once procurement or buying team has signed off the leasing forms, we can deliver the chair within the usual production lead time.


Leasing can make budgeting easier.  We often receive an influx of orders in March before the financial year ends from some Trusts, or the opposite – you can’t spend any money as the budget has already been allocated.  With leasing, whilst a regular cost every month, it is a consistent amount, and fixed at the start of the arrangement – so no surprises!

Getting multiple chairs in your setting

Often due to the cost, 1-2 profiling chairs is potentially all some departments can afford.  With a 3-5year lease, the costs are spread over a number of months, and so you can afford more chairs.  We have just taken an order for 5 chairs on long term lease, the Trust are paying around £4.88( ex VAT) a day for each chair, circa £742 (ex VAT) a month.

Try before you buy

You may be a little unsure as to whether the piece of healthcare equipment is exactly suitable for your unit long term.  If that is the case, a short term rental will help you decide whether it is worth investing in long term.

Servicing included

The Mobilise® chairs are manufactured right here in the UK and have been designed, developed and manufactured by us.  With annual servicing, they will still be performing the way they should be for years to come. We have a team of technicians who are highly skilled at maintaining and repairing our equipment – which is key for us – rather than trying to sell you something new.

The advantages of purchasing

The chair is yours. For a number of our customers, this is really important.  Purchasing a chair with or without the help of a hospital charity, means it will always be yours, and you really don’t need to consider anything else but servicing.  A CH4 or CH5 should last 12-15 years, so it’s a great investment.


You can create a chair spec that suits your acute care facility and its patients.  This could be that you require different cushioning on the chair, or perhaps you would like the chair in a different colour… or you would like laterals on the chair, its entirely up to you. 

No monthly payments

This is quite an obvious one, but the lack of monthly payments and regular conversations with procurement or other colleagues who have to sign it off on a yearly basis is quite an incentive.


Added to this, we also offer a buy-back scheme, where you can trade in an old Sertain chair and we will give you some money off your new Mobilise® care chair.  This offer will run throughout 2023.  Please contact us here for further information.