FAQ’s on the Mobilise® CH5 layflat early mobilisation chair

FAQ’s on the Mobilise® CH5 layflat early mobilisation chair

Since the launch of our multifunctional care chair, manufactured right here in the UK, there have been some commonly asked questions.  So we've created a mini How-To video which should help, alongside the below…

How do I apply and release the brakes on the chair?

To brake press the red pedal down on both the right and left castors at the back.  For completely security, press the red pedals down on the front two castors too.

To release you can either kick the pedal up, or push up with the front of your foot.

How do you adjust the headrest height?

The headrest can be adjusted using the back poppers which allow it to be adjusted so it is high for a taller patient, or lower for a shorter patient.  It can also be removed completely if it is not needed

How do I remove / adjust the armrests?

Simply pull out the pin on the front of the armrest and move the armrest up, or remove it completely.  To re-insert the arm just place the armrest in the two holes, pull out the pin and push the armrest in to secure and then adjust to the height you need.


How does the tracking work on the CH5 front wheels?

Press the green pedal down on the front wheel and the front wheel will lock into place in a forward position.  So you can press the green pedal even if the wheel is not pointing straight ahead and when you start moving the chair the wheels will lock to straight ahead and track from there.

How do you adjust the laterals on the chair?

The laterals are an added accessory for the CH5 profiling chair.  They can be moved in and out and up and down, depending on the height of the patient and where they need the support, using the …….screw top.  When not in use, just store the laterals vertical so they are out of the way, but not pointing out on the back of the chair.


The charger lead is getting in the way, how do I store it?

We’ve got a useful handle on the back of the chair, and you can wind the cord around it, like you would on a vacuum cleaner

How do I detach the footrest?

To remove the footplate, simply lift it up a little in its current position and it will just come away from the chair.

Where can I attach a catheter bag?

The catheter bag normally comes with plastic arms, and these can be easily attached to the base of the armrest.

How can I locate the serial number of the chair if I need it servicing or have any questions?

The serial number is on the base of the chair at the back.  It is next to the Mobilise sticker on the left handside of the powder coated metal base of the chair.

 For anything else, please contact us here