The options for additional or replacement bed parts

The options for additional or replacement bed parts

We offer a range of different hospital profile beds here at Caremed Alrick.  The ultra low profile beds are provided by our sister company in Australia and further detail can be found here.

We also offer a wide range of beds, mattresses and bed parts – and servicing or repair options for your Trust or care home.

It is important that your profile beds are in good condition and can be used on a regular basis – even for spare beds that may well be in storage.

Our most popular bed parts are listed below, but most can be found here.


Bed extenders are really useful for patients who are slightly longer than the norm!  We offer bed extenders on our EN7 ultra low beds and other options, just get in touch here if this is of interest.


We offer a selection of castor wheels for the beds we stock.  Its important that beds can be moved and braked on a regular basis so this really helps.  If your beds are without castor wheels we offer a bed moving trolley too, which allows you to winch up a bed on to the trolley and move it.  More information can be found here.


Actuators are a popular bed part that we regularly replace, or send out to engineering/ maintenance to replace.  We offer a range of different actuators; for the leg rest, back rest and the hi-lo features on beds.  Just get in touch here and let us know which bed you have and which part you need.


Handsets can often stop working over a long period of time, or the print fades and it becomes difficult to see what moves the bed up and down and what moves the back rest!  Based on that we have a range of different handsets for you to use to replace your current one – just check it's not the battery failing first.


Some beds with patients who are particularly frail or have a propensity to fall out of bed can have side rails attached to them to help keep the patient safe.  We also offer bed bumpers, which can help protect patients who may suffer from illnesses that create involuntary movements.  Our bed bumpers can be found here.  For bed rails, please contact us and we can recommend the right ones for your patients.


Although not strictly a bed part, bed sensor mats are extremely useful for patients who wander or are at risk of falling out of bed.  Wireless sensor mats can be placed by the side of the bed and will alert HCP’s when a patient is out of bed or in the process of leaving the bed.  The wireless aspect of bed mats means there are no trip hazards for the patient or resident.


For any specific beds parts you require, please contact us here and we will do our best to help.