Frequently Asked Questions.


FAQ #1 “Why do you call your chairs “platforms for care”?

Because our Mobilise® and Sertain™ chairs are more than just a chair – they are designed to cross the boundary between a bed and a chair, with features like layflat, hi-lo and removable sides. These care chairs are a platform for standing transfers, lateral transfers, therapy, rest and mobilisation.

FAQ #2 “Is it safe to wheel the Mobilise® and Sertain™ chairs around the hospital and even outside?

Yes of course; the chair is designed for use as a portering device and has large 150mm tracking and braking wheels. Outside is fine too as long as the surface is smooth (no grass, gravel or big kerbs please). The ability to move even critically ill patients out of the ward environment, and into the cafe or out into the fresh air, has made a huge difference to many lives since the early 90’s!

FAQ #3 “How often should care chairs be serviced and maintained”?

A minimum of 12-monthly for major servicing should be in place. In between annual servicing, safety checks should be carried out by observation and any faults or issues reported to your estates / EBME team. Need advice about servicing, maintenance or aftersales? Contact our aftersales team on 08000 191 246 or email

FAQ #4 “Where can I access user guides / instructions for your chairs and beds?”

All of our product support information can be found online here – you’ll find:

  • Instructions
  • Cleaning information
  • Troubleshooting and training tips

FAQ #5 “Can I hire the Mobilise® and Sertain™ Chairs or do I have to buy”?

You can hire or lease all the models in the Mobilise® and Sertain™ range - we have a large stock of chairs and can deliver nationally with depots in the West Midlands and Scotland. We make sure we interpret your needs precisely so that the right spec and the right size chair is delivered, rapidly, 7 days a week.

FAQ #6 “How do you ensure chairs and beds are properly decontaminated before and after rental?”

We utilise the Medi9 decontamination system which includes a deep clean fogging machine. This method of cleaning kills bacterias, spores and viruses and is way more thorough than manual cleaning alone. Our vehicles are also regularly fogged between use. Equipment is delivered wrapped and ready to go.