Why use a layflat chair in intensive care?

Why use a layflat chair in intensive care?

Layflat chairs are advantageous to an intensive care / critical care unit for a variety of reasons, including:

* Encouraging early mobilisation: Layflat chairs can be used to encourage patients out of bed to early mobilise, alongside undertaking rehabilitation exercises. Some patients need the support of a multifunctional chair whilst rehab takes place.

* Improved comfort and positioning: Layflat chairs allow patients to be positioned in a variety of ways, including lying flat on their backs, sitting upright, or tilt in space. This can help to improve patient comfort and reduce the risk of pressure sores.

* Improved circulation: By using a chair over a bed, and thereby encouraging the patient to move, layflat chairs can help to improve circulation throughout the body.

* Helpful for patients with neurological illnesses or issues: Layflat chairs can help to prevent pressure sores by moving the patient from 100% bed rest.  And by using wings or laterals, can mean the patient is fully supported in their chair.

* Manual handling advantages for HCP’s: Layflat chairs can help to reduce the workload for caregivers by making it easier to position and care for patients. It is far easier to get close to a patient in a chair than in a bed.

* Pat sliding of patients: The need to use patient hoists are greatly reduced with a layflat chair.  By laying 100% flat and backing the chair up to the bed, removing or re-positioning the arm rests and using the handset to control the height of the bed so it is the same height as the bed, a simple pat slide technique can then be used, as shown in the video below.

Overall, layflat chairs are a versatile and beneficial piece of medical equipment that can be used to improve the safety, comfort, and quality of care for critically ill patients, and are a valuable manual handling aid for nurses and other healthcare professionals.

We offer a few options for 100% layflat chairs.

The first is the Mobilise® CH5 early mobilisation chair which not only lays 100% flat but also has a retractable leg rest and pressure care cushioning. It's manufactured right here in the UK, which not only reduces your carbon footprint, but also costs less and the leadtimes are shorter.

We also offer to Sertain™ layflat care chair.  This chair is made in Australia and lays 100% flat, as well as offering a high-low range and removable armrests.

Both of the above options are available in bariatric sizes

Added to that, we can offer them as a purchase, lease or rental opportunity.