Why offer an overbed table?

Why offer an overbed table?

Overbed tables are a versatile piece of medical equipment that can be used to improve the comfort and convenience of patients and residents in a variety of settings.

They can be used to provide a stable surface for eating, drinking, reading, games and using a laptop or tablet. Overbed tables can also be used to store personal items within reach, such as glasses, books, and medications.

Using an overbed table can make a world of difference to a patient. From either a bed or care chair, you can use the table's surface to do a variety of different activities; the overbed table offers an opportunity for independence that bedridden individuals might not otherwise have.

Most overbed tables come with height-adjustable tabletops, which allows users to select tabletop levels that correspond to the individual needs, and also where they are sitting.

Here are some of the benefits of using an overbed table:

Improved comfort: Overbed tables can help to improve patient and resident comfort by providing a stable surface to place belongings, and reach items without having to get out of bed. This can be especially beneficial for patients and residents who have limited mobility or pain when moving.

Increased independence: Overbed tables can help to increase patient and resident independence by allowing them to perform activities of daily living, such as eating, drinking, and reading, on their own. This can help to improve mobility alongside patient and resident morale.

Improved safety: Overbed tables can help to improve patient and resident safety by providing them with a safe place to keep and reach items without having to get out of bed. This can help to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries.

We offer a few different overbed and over chair tables, but our most popular one can be viewed here.

Made right here in the UK, our sturdy over the bed or over chair table is suitable for hospitals or care homes.  Fully height adjustable and with gas assist lift it can be purchased in a natural oak or walnut matt finish. 

A generous top size to the table (800x400mm) means it can hold food and other objects at the same time, and the four castors allow the table to be moved around safely.

The overbed table can be purchased directly from NHS Supply Chain, just click on the logo below to be taken through to the relevant page.