Tissue viability - how we can help

Tissue viability - how we can help

In both long term care and critical/ICU/HD the importance of tissue viability in a patient cannot be underestimated.  Healthy tissue when functioning properly, protects the body from infection. When tissue is damaged or unhealthy, it can lead to a number of health problems (often assessed using the SSKIN care method).

Different circumstances can risk tissue viability and once identified they need to be prevented or treated quickly and efficiently by experienced tissue viability nurses.

Risks to tissue viability:

  • Reduced mobility. This can happen if a patient is not able to get out of a hospital bed for an extended period of time. 
  • Certain medical conditions can make the skin weaker and causes a greater chance of pressure wounds or sores
  • Nutrition and hydration play a key role in keeping skin in good condition, but if a patient is seriously ill, this isn’t possible.
  • Incontinence and cleanliness also play an important part in tissue viability.

Tissue viability nurses play an incredibly important role in preventing, assessing and treating (surgical or non) wounds, ulcers and other tissue issues.

We can help. 

We offer a number of different healthcare equipment options that can both aid and benefit patients at risk, or with wounds that need treating.

All the options below are really easy to clean – here at Caremed, we clean these items with commonly used NHS cleaning agents such as Clinell wipes and sodium hypochloride with no degradation of the equipment.

TX25 multifunctional chair

The TX25 is a popular chair with proven reliability and versatility; making it suitable for a wide range of patients and clinical setting.

The seat is manufactured with a steel frame and the visco-elastic thermoformed foam provides extra comfort and protection from ulcer formation for patients who may be at risk.

The collapsible armrests are designed to encourage and facilitate movement of the patient, and each chair is equipped with centrally operated braking and tracking castors.

Total Pressurecare mattress

The total-flow hybrid system remains our most popular option as a total system for step up and step down care, minimising swapping of mattress surfaces and maximising patient comfort and pressure therapy.

Works as both a mattress and an air mattress, eliminating transfers. Water resistant and machine washable, with an antimicrobial underside. A heel zone allows you to remove and reduce pressure on the heels and comes with removable gel-foam pads. Optional cycle times from 10 to 25 minutes with memory function.

Valley cushion with waterproof cover

Scientifically designed with a combination of foam and independently inflatable bags, this cushion creates a central channel that will relieve pressure; reducing pain in the perineal area.

The Valley® cushion comes with two pumps, enabling each side to be inflated independently to suit the patient's needs.

Mobilise CH5 early mobilisation chair

An innovative, early mobilisation chair that is 100% layflat® and has an innovative footplate that encourages sit to standing, this chair is manufactured in the UK, using UK materials which greatly reduces lead-times.*

The CH5 chair with twin wheel 125mm castors is height adjustable from 520mm - 820mm and offers tilt-in-seat along with Trendelenburg.  An adjustable seat width from 510 - 560mm means it is suitable for more patients, and the chair offers a thick cushion base with different seating options - depending on patient.  Easily remove the seat and back cushions for cleaning.

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