The Endless bed, just 100mm from the ground

The possibilities are Endless for Mental Health Care

We are very proud of our Endless bed range, quality built, technologically advanced and with complete comfort and care in mind – and not a tower insight!  Ideally suited for supporting health care professionals in their care for vulnerable mental health and care home patients.

Whilst they are fully adjustable and come with a range of different features, we also believe that good design is about form as well as function.  In many therapeutic settings a home style feeling to all healthcare furniture contributes to the wellbeing and mental peace of patients and visitors. 

Our Endless 7 beds

With electric hi/low auto regression backrest, and electric forward &reverse Trendelenburg these beds are fully functional.  They operate at a low height of 120mm and a high height of 725mm, taking into account both the user of the bed and the carers.  The beds also come in sizes suitable for bariatric care.

The EN7 also comes with electric knee-bend settings, an autoregression backrest and 75mm twin wheel castors. 

No unsightly towers restricting views of the patient here either; you can check that thee patients is in bed and has not fallen out, added to that, in an emergency, a patient can be quickly intubated without the need to move them around unnecessarily.

The EN7 beds come with standard Fini Blonde laminate head and footboards. 

Added extras?

We can also add under bed light, battery backup and dual breaking.  You can include an optional bed rail if the patient is in danger of falling out of the bed, added to which we offer grab handles and lifting poles. 

The ideal mate...

The CareMed Total PressureCare Mattresses are perfect for alleviating discomfort and pressure care injuries. 

Our Total Care air mattresses come with a quiet pump and an easy to use remote.  CThe mattress constantly moves the patient through the self adjecting foam filled air cells.   

The total-flow hybrid system remains our most popular option as a total system for step up and step down care, minimising swapping of mattress surfaces and maximising patient comfort and pressure therapy.  It also allows you to relieve pressure on specific points – such as heels, with a heel zone that allows you to remove and reduce pressure in that area.

The options start with our Total Flow mattress.  All are water resistant and machine washable, with an antimicrobial underside. 


Our promise to you

We offer on all our Endless Bed range a 10 year frame & 5 year Linak motor warranty.