The best clinical chair for your ward in 2024

The best clinical chair for your ward in 2024

There are several advantages to obtaining the correct clinical chair within the NHS, impacting both patient care and hospital efficiency. Here's a breakdown of the benefits:


Comfort and pain management

The right clinical care chair can provide proper support and positioning, reducing pressure sores, back pain, and fatigue for the patient. This can promote a easier and quicker recovery.

Increased independence

Features like adjustable heights, armrests, and footrests can help patients get in and out of the chair more easily, fostering independence.

Improved safety

Chairs with high wings, straps, or safety belts can prevent falls, especially for patients with a surgical or illness weakness, neurological conditions and other issues.

Specific needs

Specialised chairs exist for various conditions, like bariatric chairs for heavier patients or tilt-in-space chairs for those with balance issues. Obtaining the correct chair caters to specific needs, optimising physiotherapy and recovery.


Manual handling advantages; for HCP and patient

Helping patients with transfers is a common cause of back injuries for staff. Chairs designed for easier transfers can minimise this risk.

Improved time management

Multifunctional chairs with adjustable features can accommodate various patients without needing to locate a different chair, saving time.

Early mobilisation

Proper patient positioning and comfort can contribute to faster recovery times and potentially lower readmission rates.


Mobilise CH5 early mobilisation chair

The CH5 is a sophisticated clinical chair. Suitable for Intensive, Critical and High Dependency care;  it lays 100% flat, and has an innovative leg-rest which greatly encourages sit to standing.  Alongside this the clinical chair has tilt in space and we can provide different cushioning depending on the patient’s needs.

TX26, TX25 electric multifunctional clinical chairs

The TX range of clinical chairs are widely used for general wards and frail elderly care, to trauma and orthopaedics and high dependency care. They offer seamless, stitch free upholstery with no hook and loop fastening, simple controls and hard wearing visco-elastic cushioning.  Added to that, they are available in 20 different colours.

TX10 ward chair

For patients with good mobility or the ability to move unaided, the TX10 ward chair with a static base is the ideal choice. The backrest is fully supporting, and the push handle allows for easy use.  Arm rests are fully collapsible, and the height can comfortably be adjusted to 6 different positions.

Modsel clinical chair

The Modsel is a multi-purpose treatment, transfer and recovery clinical chair for ED, Day Surgery, Clinics and Aged Care. This chair is easy to move in and out of tight areas. Patients can be positioned simply from sitting upright to full recline, or lay completely flat; with the stability of twin columns under the chair making it ideal for CPR or specialised procedures.

If you would like more information or unsure of which chair is most suitable, please get in touch here or schedule a lunch and learn.