The best care chair choices

The best care chair choices

Care chairs can encompass a wide range of different chairs and the right one is completely dependent on your patients needs or your ward requirements. In this article we will explore the options for hospitals.  For needs in a home environment, it is best you to talk to a discharge nurse, an HCP or home help.

Here's a breakdown of some common types:

Neurological care chair

These care chairs are specifically designed for patients with neurological conditions, offering features like highly adjustable seating, tilt functions, and headrests for optimal positioning and comfort. They may also have safety features like harnesses and raised armrests.  Our Mobilise® CH5 multifunctional care chair has optional features such as neuro headrests, laterals and wings. 

Early Mobilisation care chairs

Early mobilisation care chairs are multifunctional and have a number of features that support early mobilisation in patients who are in ICU or high dependency.  They could be recovering from an illness or a significant surgery, and require physiotherapy.  Our early mobilisation care chairs all Layflat® – this is a key feature so you can pat slide a patient off the bed on to a care chair.  They are height adjustable and have a number of accessories that can be attached to them so a patient is more portable – such as oxygen tank holders, IV poles etc.

Frailty care chairs

Designed for older adults on wards that house patients who are frail and therefore need support when sitting out, we offer our TX range of chairs.  These are multifunctional chairs which are often height adjustable and the back rest goes back to 160 degrees, so if a patient is feeling faint or ill, there is an option of lying them nearly flat.  They also have foot supports and castors, so the patient can be moved around.  They provide additional support and stability for those with reduced mobility or strength.

Physiotherapy / therapy care chairs

Our Mobilise CH5 Layflat ® chair comes in handy when a patient needs physio or occupational therapy.  The care chair allows the physio to work on them from a chair rather than a bed – and we have had feedback that using the Motomed is far easier from the chair rather than form the bed.  With height adjustability it is also great from a HCP manual handling perspective, putting less strain on the HCP.

Bariatric care chairs

Bariatric care chairs are wider and stronger than standard chairs to accommodate larger patients. They are often used in bariatric units and emergency rooms.  We offer a number of different options – from the Modsel contour recline care chair, which can accommodate patients up to 300kg, to our very own Mobilise® CH5 which has a safe working load of 250kg.  For more on our bariatric range, please click here.

Ortho care chair

Ortho chairs normally have a far higher back rest so they are more supportive to patients.  We offer an orthopaedic care chair which is adjustable, with a high back, elevating back rest, leg rest and adjustable headrest.

Treatment care chair

These chairs have wider arms and arms that can be easily removable, collapse, or lift up to enable a patient to be moved back into a bed if necessary.  We offer the TX25 electric which is perfect as it can also be moved around and has 2 different replacement arm options; phlebotomy and padded for patients who are sitting out longer.


If you wish to discuss any of our specialist care chairs – either to trial, purchase or hire, please just live chat us on the website, give us a call on 01926 889677 or email us here