The best care chairs available from Caremed

The best care chairs available from Caremed

We term care chairs as chairs that can be used for long or short term care of patients or residents.  These can be multifunctional or static chairs and how good they are really depends on the patient or residents individual needs.  So below we have created 5 different common needs and then a bit of information about the best care chair or chairs that suit that need.

Early mobilisation chairs

We have a few different options for early mobilisation care chairs.  But if a patient is in ICU or critical care and has severe muscle weakness, but early mobilisation is a priority, the Mobilise CH5 is ideal.  Developed right here in Coventry and made at a factory around the corner from us, this multifunctioning chair can be laid completely flay for pat slides, and an innovative leg rest that makes sit-to-standing far easier. For more information click here

Easy functionality electric chairs

The TX25, manual and electric, are both great examples of multifunctional care chairs.  Robust and excellent for hygiene and infection control within the acute hospital environment, these chairs are height adjustable from 49-82cm.  With drop down arms, The TX25 has 160° of backrest recline and an elevating legrest, allowing for a near lay-flat position.

Static long term care chair

TheTX30 care chair is ideal for frail or elderly care. With manual tilt in space to 40°, and seat depth adjustability, this chair is ideal for smaller patients. The chair is also highly mobile with its 100mm castors, two at the rear being lockable and suitable for a patient to be seated in it for long periods of time. 

Aged care chairs

We stock a number of aged care chairs, including the shell seat.  The design was developed to benefit the moving and handling of residents around care home environments.  The shell care chair tilts forward gently thanks to a gas strut which can be operated manually, enabling the resident to stand up from the chair far easier.  The chair comes in a number of different seat widths, dependent on the resident’s needs.

Therapy or treatment care chairs

We sell a number of treatment, or therapy chairs.  These are often far easier for the patient to get into, and also allow the administration of medication, or blood samples to be taken as easily as possible for both the patient and the HCP.  The AP4300 is an innovative three-section multifunctional armchair with electrical options for height, backrest and also the legrest.  The chair permits patient access from the bi-lateral side and tilts to 90°.


For more information, or if you want to discuss whether to hire or purchase any of these care chairs, please get in touch here