Standing aids; their uses and options available

Standing aids; their uses and options available

Patients in hospital may need to use a standing aid for various reasons:

Post-surgical recovery.  After many surgeries, patients may require temporary assistance with standing to prevent complications like blood clots.  Same if they need to be moved to the bathroom form an early mobilisation chair or hospital bed.

Musculoskeletal conditions. Individuals with muscle weakness, joint pain, or balance issues may benefit from standing aids for safe transfers, when having physio and needing to perform weight-bearing exercises, or simply standing for short periods to improve circulation and prevent muscle atrophy.

Neurological conditions. Stroke, multiple sclerosis, or other neurological conditions can affect balance and coordination, making standing aids ideal for safe transfers, and encouraging independence.

Preventing falls. For patients at high risk of falling, standing aids provide additional support and stability during transfers and standing activities, minimising fall risk and potential injuries.

Promoting independence. Standing aids can empower patients to perform daily activities like dressing, toileting, or transferring to a wheelchair independently, increasing self confidence.

Physical therapy and rehabilitation. As part of a physio programme, standing aids can be used for gait training, strengthening exercises, and improving weight-bearing tolerance.

Arjo Sara Stedy standing aid to hire from Caremed Alrick  Move Assist standing aid to hire from Caremed Alrick

Options available:

We offer 3 different standing aids.  With all standing aids the patients need sufficient upper body strength to be able to pull themselves up – otherwise a patient transfer hoist will need to be used.

Sara Stedy

The Sara Stedy is a popular standing aid used in many hospital environments.  The Sara Stedy can be positioned to the side of a bed, or preferably to an early mobilisation chair.  The width can be widened in order to get closer to the patient.  The patient then pulls themselves up and the seating flips down so the patient can be transferred in a seating position to wherever they need to go. 


Move Assist  

Similar to the Sara Stedy, the Move Assist is a high-quality transfer aid that has been designed for users that have the ability to stand up from a seated position.   The patient grabs the crossbar and pulls themselves to their feet. The HCP them positions the secure flip down seats so can then sit and be easily transferred by a nurse or attendant.

View the video on how to use this standing aid below

Video demo of the Move Assist standing aid used with the Mobilise CH5 care chair

ReTurn standing aid  

The ReTurn can be used for patients who are capable of standing whilst being moved.  The ReTurn is moved in front of the patient, the patient places their feet on the platform, grabs hold of the handle and pulls themselves to standing, from where they can be safely transferred.

View the video on how to use this product below:

ReTurn standing aid demo by Caremed Alrick