Pressure care options

Pressure care options

Pressure care cushions work by distributing body weight more evenly, reducing pressure on specific areas and promoting better circulation.

Some key benefits of using pressure care cushions:


The primary benefit of pressure care cushions is their ability to significantly reduce the risk of developing pressure ulcers. By redistributing pressure, cushions help prevent the formation of these ulcers, promoting skin health and overall well-being.


Pressure ulcers can be incredibly painful, and even the risk of developing them can cause discomfort and anxiety. Pressure care cushions provide a more comfortable sitting or lying experience, reducing pressure points and alleviating existing pain. This can significantly improve quality of life for individuals who spend extended periods sitting or lying down.


Pressure ulcers often occur due to impaired circulation in the affected area. Pressure care cushions help improve circulation by reducing pressure and allowing for better blood flow. This improved circulation promotes skin health and healing, further reducing the risk of pressure ulcers and other skin issues.


For individuals with limited mobility, pressure care cushions can make it easier and more comfortable to transfer from one position to another. This increased mobility can lead to greater independence.

Variety of Options.

Pressure care cushions come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and materials to suit different needs and preferences. This allows for a more personalized approach to pressure care, ensuring optimal comfort and effectiveness for each individual.

We offer both pressure care cushions that perfectly suit our Mobilise CH5 Layflat ® care chair, and also other options for multifunctional care chairs. 

The Partner cushion system is an alternating pressure relieving cushion with a pump and a sealed 2" foam base for effective prevention and treatment of patients who have a high risk of developing a pressure ulcer in hospital or care home setting.  The cushion has removable individual cells and multi-stretch waterproof cover to minimise friction.

The Valley® cushion has been scientifically designed with a combination of foam and independently inflatable bags which can be pumped up manually. This creates a central channel that will relieve pressure; reducing pain in the perineal area.  The cushion comes with two separate hand pumps, enabling each side to be inflated independently to suit the patient's needs.

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