Caremed delivering a hospital chair

Multifunctional hospital chairs; choosing the right one for your patients

Multifunctional hospital chairs offer a multitude of benefits for both patients and healthcare staff, making them valuable assets in a hospital setting. Here's a breakdown of their advantages:

Improved Comfort and Positioning

Multifunctional chairs allow for various adjustments like reclining, leg elevation, and customizable seating angles, tailoring comfort to individual needs and reducing pressure points.

Enhanced Mobility and Independence

Hospital chairs that transform into standing aids, such as the Mobilise CH5 early mobilisation chair we offer or hospital chairs that are easy to move around wards, these chairs empower patients to start living more independently and promote them to be more activity, which can often lead to getting better quicker.

Pain Management and Reduced Fatigue

Adjusting positions and achieving optimal support can alleviate pain and reduce fatigue, leading to a more comfortable and restful experience for patients.

Facilitated Rehabilitation

Multifunctional hospital chairs with features like massage functions or heat therapy can support rehabilitation efforts and promote faster recovery.


Multifunctional chairs can replace the need for multiple pieces of equipment, reducing costs and optimizing storage space within the hospital.

Choosing the Right Multifunctional Chair

The ideal chair depends on the specific needs of the ward and patients. Factors like weight capacity, adjustable features, physio-friendly and ease of cleaning should be considered. Evaluating typical patient requirements is crucial for making an informed choice.

Here are some of the multifunctional hospital chairs we provide:

Mobilise CH5 hospital and therapy care chair

This tilt in space recovery hospital chair reduces manual handling strain on HCP's whilst encouraging simple early mobilisation with patients. If a patient is post op or has been in bed for long periods of time, this chair slowly encourages them to become more active. The Layflat® option enables the patient to be moved from bed to chair and then slowly mobilised.

TX26 multifunctional hospital chair

Specifically designed for patients with reduced mobility, the TX26 chair is equipped with height adjustment through a hydraulic system driven by foot control. The chair can be laid flat to 160 degrees as well as moving independently into various positions.

Modsel contour recline hospital chair

A multi-purpose treatment and transfer chair for ED, Day Surgery, clinics and Aged Care.  This chair is easy to move in and out of tight areas. Patients can be positioned simply from sitting upright to full recline, or lay completely flat; with the stability of twin columns under the chair making it ideal for CPR or specialised procedures.

Choosing the right hospital chair can promote comfort, safety, independence, and efficiency. Ensuring proper utilisation can significantly enhance patient care and potentially lead to quicker discharge. 

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