As part of the NHS recovery plan, day surgeries and elective surgeries are taking on greater importance in the foreseeable future.  Our new Modsel range is the ideal solution.

This range of convertible / multifunctional chairs -  that can also perform the function of stretchers and trolley’s - will improve productivity and reduce unnecessary equipment and transfers. 

Using a contour recline chair has the potential to replace a wheelchair, a stretcher trolley and recovery bed, meaning that the patient journey starts and ends on one piece of equipment.


A multi-purpose treatment and transfer chair for ED, Day Surgery, Clinics and aged care.

The HCP input in this chair has lead to some truly innovative features such as ultra-low entry height, a leg rest that retracts fully back on the chair for easy access and simple-to-use controls.

This chair is easy to move with pull down handles, free wheeling on all 4 castors, or tracking mode, and a substantial brake.  It can be manoeuvred easily in and out of tight areas – we have tried to get it through a regular doorway in our office…and we managed it!

Patients can be positioned simply from sitting upright to full recline, or lay completely flat; with the stability of twin columns under the chair making it ideal for CPR or specialised procedures.

The chair has hardly any fixings or bolts which makes it really easy and quick to clean, with hardwearing fabric covering the padding of the chair.

If you are in doubt about how much we like this chair – just check out our mini video on it here!

We really believe this versatile chair will streamline medical procedures and recovery across healthcare facilities. 
If you are interested in trialling, renting or purchasing to see what it can do for you, just contact us here.