How much does it cost to hire a Sertain chair?

How much does it cost to hire a Sertain chair?

The Sertain chair range is one of the UK's most popular rental chairs and is available in a wide range of sizes and specifications. 

All of them have these common attributes:

  • 100% layflat function for lateral transfers, in-chair intubation and other safety reasons that would make the use of a conventional tilt-in-space chair too difficult or risky
  • Electric hi-lo / height adjustability for protecting carers / nurses / therapists backs when administering care or performing transfers
  • Removable or fold-down arms, wings or thoracic supports to facilitate side transfers, bulky dressings / lines or the insertion of a sling or slide-sheet

Caremed Alrick is the UK and EU representative for the Sertain brand and we hire all available models (Neuro, standard trauma chair, bariatric versions) to hospitals throughout the UK. 

We also supply the Sertain bariatric versions to other nationwide bariatric rental companies so you will see our chairs under different names, in the marketplace.

Some of the well-known bariatric rental companies who use Sertain chairs are:

  • Benmor Medical
  • Direct Healthcare Group / Nightingale Bariatric Solutions
  • Medstrom

Rental rates

The rental rates will vary significantly depending on:

  • Length of rental
  • Number of chairs on rental
  • Any contract pricing that is in place

As a rule of thumb, a short-term rental (7-14 days) will be more expensive, around £45 - 50 per day (plus VAT) for standard sized models (up to 160KG SWL) or £45 - 55 per day (plus VAT) for large (300KG SWL) and XL (350KG SWL).

Medium term rental (14+ days) rates will vary across the sizing, from £35 - 45 per day (plus VAT)

Long term rates are such a variable, e.g. 30 days - 60 days or even 90+ days, special rates will apply and customers will see bigger discounts.


On top of the daily rate, most providers will charge for delivery / training and also collection and decontamination. This will vary hugely based on location, the suppliers infrastructure and any contract pricing agreed.

Length of rental also plays a part in the logistics costs, with a longer rental term sometimes leading to a reduction.

Expect to pay anywhere between £25 - £175 each way - a huge variation we agree, but there are many factors that influence this.

We trust you get some benefit from our ongoing articles around the costs associated with specialist hospital seating.

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