How are we keeping you safe?

How are we keeping you safe?

We know how important it is that when we come out for a site visit, delivery, servicing or repairs, that we are free from COVID. 

Rapid Testing at Caremed HQ

Based on this, CareMed has invested in COVID rapid testing for all our staff.  We now rapid test all staff once a week on a rolling basis, keeping both you and us safe.

Using accredited testing kits, all members of staff get tested at least once a week, from the warehouse supervisor, to the on-the-road technicians.  Each day one member of staff is tested, meaning if the result came out positive, that member of staff would immediately isolate themselves at home, and the rest of the team would also be tested on that said day.  We are working to make it as safe as possible for us to enter a site.

Safe in the knowledge

So when we come out to drop off a product on 24-hour delivery, or need to us to complete a service or repair on a Caremed product, you can be safe in the knowledge that we aren't introducing COVID into your Care Home or Hospital.