Clinical chairs in healthcare – the range available

Clinical chairs in healthcare – the range available

Clinical chairs is a broad term that encompasses a variety of seating options used in different healthcare settings. We’ve broken these down into categories based on their specific functions and uses:

1. Examination chairs:

GENERAL EXAMINATION CHAIRS: These are adjustable care chairs with a reclining back and leg support used for routine physical examinations in various medical specialties, such as the AV4100 bariatric couch, which has a safe working load of 320kg and can be rented or purchased from us or via the NHS Supply Chain website.

2. Treatment chairs:

DIALYSIS CHAIRS: These clinical chairs are designed for patients undergoing dialysis treatment, often with features like armrests and adjustable leg positions.  We offer the TX26 and TX25 multifunctional care chairs, both of which have legrest and backrest tilt functions and a host of accessories such as phlebotomy arms, IV poles and activity trays.

3. Early mobilisation chairs:

EARLY MOBILISATION CARE CHAIRS: Multifunctional, they can help support patients and healthcare professionals to mobilise post-surgery or serious illness.  Our very own Mobilise CH5 early mobilisation chair is a great example; layflat to 100% to help patslide a patient and also come with a host of accessories, so the patient is able to be moved around if they want / need.

4. Procedural clinical chairs:

SURGICAL STOOLS These are rotating stools with adjustable heights used by surgeons and medical staff during surgeries and procedures.  We offer a number of different surgical stools on the NHS Supply Chain website.

WHEELCHAIRS: wheelchairs; either self propelling or to be pushed facilitate safe and comfortable movement around wards.  We offer a number of different wheelchairs including the Rea Azalea for patients who need more support, or self propelling chairs, commode wheelchairs and bariatric options.

5. Patient Waiting Chairs:

STACKING CHAIRS: These lightweight chairs are often used in waiting rooms or patient bays and can be easily stacked for storage. We offer a range of polypropylene chairs for you to choose from in a range of different colours. 

MOBILE CLINICAL CHAIRS: These chairs with wheels provide flexibility and can be easily moved around to accommodate different needs in patient areas, such as the popular and versatile TX15 ward chair

6.HCP Chairs:

OFFICE CHAIRS: Comfortable and ergonomic clinical chairs are important for staff and doctors to maintain proper posture and prevent musculoskeletal pain during long working hours.  

STOOLS: Rolling stools allow for mobility and quick adjustments at workstations or when examining patients, such as saddle stools. 


Choosing the right clinical chair depends on several factors:

Function and specific use: Consider the specific procedure or examination the chair will be used for and the necessary features.

Patient needs and comfort: Ensure the chair offers proper support, adjustability, and comfort for patients with varying needs.

Safety and stability: The chair should be sturdy and stable to prevent accidents or falls.

Ease of cleaning and disinfection: Choose materials and designs that are easy to clean and disinfect for hygiene purposes.

 If in doubt, please get in touch and we will be able to advise you.  Either call us on 01926 889677, LiveChat us here on the website, or contact us by email here