Choosing the right pressure care mattress for your resident

Choosing the right pressure care mattress for your resident


Here at Caremed Alrick, we supply a comprehensive mattress range. 

The purpose of a pressure relief mattress is to increase comfort for an individual suffering from (or at a high risk of developing) pressure ulcers. The mattress provides high levels of support for the head and body to relieve any mounting stress on pressure points.  They also reduce the need for carers to manually reposition residents on a regular basis.

We offer both static pressure relieving mattresses, alongside airflow alternating mattresses, which have air cells incorporated within the mattress and alternate cyclically, meaning that the pressure is regularly rotated around the body.  

It can be a complex task to select which mattress is most suitable for which resident / patient, so the mattress flowchart below should help.  If the resident is over 200kg (31 stone) we have two mattresses on offer, if the resident is bedbound, or they are medium to high risk we have other suitable options for you to choose from.

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