The benefits of clinical chairs

The benefits of clinical chairs

A clinical chair is a multifunctional chair which is used in hospitals or hospital settings; on wards and in other departments. It can be used to provide a variety of functions but is typically a reclining chair with adjustable features, such as the height, backrest, and footrest. Clinical chairs are used for:

Patient examinations: Doctors and nurses may use clinical chairs to examine patients pre-admission or on their rounds. The adjustable features allow the HCP to position the patient comfortably and provide easy access.

Procedures: Clinical chairs can also be used for procedures, such as blood draws and injections. The reclining feature allows the patient to relax and be more comfortable during the procedure.

Physio: Clinical chairs can also be used for treatments, such as physiotherapy, wound care and occupational therapy. The adjustable features allow the patient to be positioned in a way that is most beneficial for the therapy.

Patient comfort: Clinical chairs can also be used to provide comfort to patients. The reclining feature and tilt in space allows patients to relax and rest, which can help improve overall health and well-being.

Clinical chairs from Caremed Alrick

We offer a number of clinical multifunctional care chairs

TX30 clinical chair

This multifunctional chair has both manual tilt-in-space of 40°and manual legrest operation with includes adjustable negative legrest up to 30°.  With vertically removable arms for easy hoist access or side transfer, the seat depth is adjustable from 17”- 20” and it can be used for sitting a patient out.

TX15 clinical chair

The TX15 care chair has been designed to improve the recovery of patients who are ambulant or semi-ambulant within general, frail/elderly and high dependency wards.  A highly versatile chair with the option of moving patients from ward to ward or therapy rooms, the incline of the backrest is 162°.  The accessories offer HCP’s additional functionality such as administration of IV Fluids.

Sertain™ clinical chair with procedure arms

The Sertain™ Care Chair with procedure tray arms has been specifically designed to assist with cannulation and blood collection. The height adjustable function of the chair allows for adjustment to a comfortable position for both the HCP and patient.  The care chair also has 3 electric functions on the handset - backrest, seat-tilt & leg-rest.

We offer lots of other clinical chairs, so please get in touch here for more information.