Accessories on early mobilisation chairs


It sounds simple enough, but with most of our healthcare equipment comes accessories, or add-ons.  This allows you to customise the piece of equipment to the needs of your ward, your colleagues and your patient.

In some cases it is simple; the need to a meal/activity tray to be added on to the chair, or a pressure care cushion for tissue viability nurses. In other cases it may be a little more complex – so you may want a Rea Azalea customised to a specific patient, or you may want a bariatric version of the healthcare equipment you currently have.

We can help.  Some examples of what we provide are listed below.  If you can’t find what you need, please get in touch, 9 times out of 10, we can help.

Overbed / overchair tables and meal trays.

If patients are sitting out, or sitting up, trays and tables that work around the equipment are really helpful.  For activities, food and other storage, they are really useful.  We have a range of overbed / overchair tables and also provide meal trays to a number of multifunctional early mobilisation chairs we offer; such as the TX26, the TX25, the Mobilise CH5 and the Sertain.

Early mobilisation chairs on the move.

One of the advantages of early mobilisation chairs is not to just get patients out of bed, but also be able to move them around.  Be that for physio, taking them out to critical care gardens, or moving the patient from ward to ward. From the Modsel Contour Recline to the Mobilise CH5, we can offer IV poles, storage for oxygen holders, hangers for catheter bags, wings on the chair to keep the patient stable, and anything else you might need.  Most are readily available in our workshop so just let us know what you need.

Ultra low bed accessories.

You may well have a patient who regularly suffers falls, in which case an ultra low bed is ideal.  But we can also provide crash mats, fall sensors and monitors for rooms which can seriously limit the risks of falls.

Alternative cushioning.

Our Early Mobilisation chairs come with pressure care cushioning, but we can also offer air cushions and other alternatives to suit the patient and make them more comfortable when sitting out.  Some of our cushions are exampled here, but for anything else, please let us know, we can help.

Bariatric range.

We have a wide range of bariatric equipment, which not only has a far higher safe working load, but also has a seat or bed width and depth which is greater than a standard version of the equipment.  For our full range, just visit our bariatric care here