Sustainability in critical care

Sustainability in critical care

With the recent BACCN conference discussing sustainability in Critical Care and the environmental impact healthcare generally has on emissions, we want to help.  First and foremost, the biggest impact that can be made to sustainability in critical care is to reduce the length of stay; utilising early mobilisation.

We believe we can help with overall sustainability along with early mobilisation.  Firstly, we have a repair and trade-in department here at Caremed. 

*  Repair is essential to keeping equipment alive for longer, and therefore making it more sustainable for your Trust in the long term. Using resources for good quality care is a conversation we have had with a few Trusts and we truly believe in it.

*  If you wish to trade in an old piece of equipment we provided in the past and get some money off a new piece of equipment, such as our Mobilise® CH5 #earlymobilisation chair, please get in touch here.  You can be assured that we reuse old parts of the trade-in chairs wherever possible.

*  Added to that, our new Mobilise® CH5 Layflat® chair has been produced with genuine sustainability at its core.  

Not only is the Mobilise built in Coventry, UK at an engineering plant with a long history of quality manufacturing, but most of its core components are made right here in Britain too, reducing carbon emissions and allowing for us to use the Made in Britain logo.

By manufacturing the Mobilise CH5 standard and bariatric early mobilisation chairs locally rather than importing, we can demonstrate that we are reducing the CO2 emissions per chair sold by almost 1 tonne^ per chair!

*  Each part of the chair covering can be replaced individually if it gets damaged, rather than having to replace the whole chair, which is far more sustainable and economically sound. 

So please get in touch if you wish to either

utilise our servicing and repair packages,

if you want us to take a look at a piece of equipment for trade-in

or you are interested in a free 7 day trial of the Mobilise® CH5 Layflat® chair.