Why our clients use Caremed® seating for Critical Care

Why our clients use Caremed® seating for Critical Care

Mobilise® seating for intensive care and early mobilisation is now highly observable both physically and in the press / online, used widely to make the task of early mobilisation easier, quicker and safer.

Caremed Alrick offers seating for sale, lease or hire, and has a FREE 7-day hire service to assist in freeing up bed spaces and reducing length of stay, whether it’s a Wednesday, Friday or a Saturday.

Here are several articles we found, where customers detail in their own words, what Caremed seating is achieving for them

MKGH – Critical Care

Furness – Critical Care

QEHB – Critical Care

Kingston – ITU

Monklands – ITU

IOW – Respiratory

Leasing an #earlymobilisation chair

We offer a simple NHS compliant leasing solution, here at Caremed Alrick.  

Some benefits:

  • 👍Spread the cost of acquiring capital equipment over a period of 3-to-5-year lease, maintenance can be included.
  • 👍eliminating uncertainty and admin and promoting longevity of the equipment.
  • 👍our leasing solution is compliant with public sector and (NHS in particular) procurement requirements.
  • 👍upgrade or invest in additional or extra equipment without needing large capital upfront.
  • 👍at the end of the lease, there is the option to own the equipment for a nominal fee.
  • 👍 leasing is significantly lower in cost than short-term rental.

Why we offer a FREE 7-day trial of our equipment...

For most healthcare equipment, it is a considered purchase - whether you go down a leasing route or an outright purchase.  It can take some time for other members of your department, or procurement, to buy-in to why you need it. 

It's far easier if you can trial the equipment and actively prove its a benefit to you and your patients

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