The Caremed repair shop

The Caremed repair shop

We regularly repair and service equipment for our customers, and its an important part of what we do.  Our products are built to last, but regular servicing prevents potential issues. 

A Sertain™ chair can last up to 12 years and the TX chairs with regular servicing can last up to 10 years.  These pieces of equipment are an investment and here at Caremed Alrick, we are very conscious of that.  

An investment

Caremed recently visited an NHS hospital in the south of the country to service a few mobilise chairs and parked near the goods-in bay.  There was a skip outside and in it was a ward chair with a ripped arm – not one that we supply, but it looked in good condition otherwise.  Nathan queried why it was in a skip when it seemed to be OK.  The maintenance team member remarked that the chair had been condemned by the supplier and was unfixable. 

Nathan had a good look and maintenance agreed he could fish it out of the skip and take it back to the repair shop to see if it could be fixed.


Upon inspection of the chair in the Coventry warehouse, it was deemed the chair was in great condition bar the armrest.  The repair team sent it off to an upholsterer and serviced the chair after the arm had been re-upholstered.  Just £300 later and the chair was back in the NHS Trust and the maintenance team were really pleased.

Not everything is fixable, but often small issues can be dealt with easily, and equipment doesn’t need to be scrapped. 


Our technical team will often walk you through trouble shooting issues on the phone if it is one of our pieces of equipment.  This can save you both time and money, so it is definitely worth giving us a call when an issue arises. 


Added to that, we regularly offer buy-back on our healthcare equipment – so if it is no longer needed, or you think it can’t be fixed, we will come out and inspect the item and offer you a buy back price.


Finally, we would highly recommend that you pick one of the service packages that we offer, to make sure we pick up on any issues before equipment ends up in the skip!

Please get in touch here if you are interested in us looking at your equipment for repair

Or get in touch here if you are interested in buying a service plan.