Freedom in Critical Care.


The word freedom is not one that is always or often associated with Critical Care but let’s examine how we learnt about its importance and why it’s central to everything we do.

Our story is told through the lens of a customer and explains why we believe that patient seating needs to work just as hard for the carer as it does for the cared for.

Most specialist care chairs have the cared for or the patient as the main focus but whilst we believe that is right, the Sertain™ chair is designed and built also with the carer in mind too.

Here are the principles around which the Sertain™ chair is built:

The cared for deserve Freedom from:

  1. The isolation of critical illness
  2. Uncomfortable, undignified and risky hoist transfers
  3. Discomfort and pressure care damage
  4. An extended length of stay due to delayed rehab
  5. A rapid transfer back to bed when being sat out for the first time, if BP drops
The carer (healthcare professional in critical care) deserves Freedom from:

  1. Manual handling and ergonomic risks
  2. Frustration around mobilisation because of inadequate equipment
  3. Worries about risky hoisting of (especially intubated) patients
The Sertain™ Critical Care Seating System has been creating freedom since the early 2000’s (and further back too if you include our original Regency Care Chair – 1987) with a chair that allows healthcare professionals to:
  • Safely transfer intubated patients without relying on hoisting (transfer laterally)
  • Easily mobilise patients and lift them to their feet without risking a back injury
  • “Sit out” patients that were previously considered bed bound
  • Decrease length of stay and discharge patients with a higher functional strength
  • Wheel patients outside of the unit, eg. to the cafe or a patio – to see “life outside critical care again”
  • Advance the psychological healing process after the isolation of critical illness


Told to Care-Med by a Rehabilitation After Critical Illness specialist nurse, who uses the Sertain™ chairs in ITU:

“You would hardly believe the difference it makes, psychologically and physiologically when we are able to easily transfer patients to the chair without hoisting and then to be able to take them down to the cafe, to take them outside, to see normal life again after the isolation of critical illness. None of this was possible before we introduced the Sertain™”

Told to Care-Med by a Senior Respiratory Physio who uses the Sertain™ to mobilise patients within ITU:

“We look at patients in a different way now and realise that using conventional tilt in space seating, we would never be mobilising these patients the way we are now. It means a much earlier rehab which really is shortening the length of stay on ITU”.