Clinical Examination Furniture and Couches.


Caremed works closely with Seers Medical to provide private and NHS hospitals in the UK with premium therapy and clinical furniture, including:


  • Tilt tables

Quite different from a tilt table test, a tilt table is used for a wide range of applications; for rehabilitation, assessment of a patient and examination procedures.


  • Therapy plinths

This strong and versatile piece of healthcare equipment is suitable for a wide range of manual therapy practices and can also be used for medical procedures. 


  • Examination couches and change tables

Examination tables often come with adjustable heights.  They allow Trendelenberg and reverse Trendelenberg movements if needed, but they ensure ensuring optimum working conditions and comfort for both the patient and HCP during treatment.  They are also very easy to clean.


  • Shower trolleys

For patients who are struggling with mobility, the shower trolley allows the patient to be easily transferred from bed to trolley with hydraulic pedals to lift the trolley to the same height as the bed, then showered.  Padded sides are an option.


  • Clinical chairs, i.e. dialysis chairs
We have a number of different clinical chairs that allow bloods to be taken or other theraputic treatments.  Most of the chairs are height adjustable, and the arms move away, allowing the patient to get in and out of the chair far easier.

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