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Caremed Alrick Rental Info 

Caremed Alrick Nursing Care Equipment 

TX Series Acute Seating

Thekla 3 - Early Mobilisation Chair with Tilt Table Capability

Caremed - Complete Range of Early Mobilisation Chairs

Sertain S4540 ITU and Trauma Early Mobilisation Chair

MHOA System of Care

CM-MH-OL Total Flow Overlay___________ _________________________

CM-M-OL Total Flow Plus Replacement Mattress

CM-M-MAS Total Flow Max - Air Mattress Replacement System

Sanitisation Services - Care Sector   _________________________________________

Sanitisation Services - Transport and Fleet

Sanitisation Services - Education

CM-CMBR Total Flow Hybrid Mattress with Evacuation Feature

Sanitisation Services - Viralair Mobile Unit ______________________________

Sanitisation - H-Wash Portable Handwash Station

Caremed Alrick Protek Face Shield