Our PPE equipment

Fully certified PPE, available at CareMed

As the second wave of COVID hits the UK, we want to bring your attention to our comprehensive PPE range

Why us? 

We spend a lot of time in hospitals and care homes; delivering new equipment, servicing our equipment, providing replacement parts so we know how hard the healthcare industry has been hit by COVID, and continues to be.

With that in mind, we have made sure the PPE we source is a highly competitive price.  We only sell fully certified products (with due diligence) - please contact our office if you require copies of product certifications and conformity documents - and continuity of supply is of utmost importance. 

We can provide both disposable, faceshield and FFP2 masks, along with head thermometers, and a large number of cleaning equipment and sprays.  Check out our full range of PPE here

Sanitisation services

CareMed have been providing comprehensive sanitisation services for over 7 years.  It originated from the need to make sure our rental equipment was fully sanitised.  This then developed into a comprehensive service for care organisations, hospitals, surgeries, schools and fleet and transportation. 

If you need an area sanitised, we have been using the Medi9 fogging system for a number of years.  Effective against spores, viruses, bacteria and fungi and no need for a lengthy lockdown, Medi9 is non-corrosive and doesn’t cause respiratory or skin irritation. 

We pride ourselves in making sure the fogging system covers a large area, including frequently missed and difficult to clean areas. The fogging system was created pre-COVID, but has been used in a number of hospitals, doctors surgeries and care homes since the start of the pandemic.

We will perform a before and after ATB swab test, will be in full PPE ourselves and will provide you with a post visit report too. 

So get in touch with your requirements… we can help!