Bariatric Seating Takes a Step Forwards (and Upwards)

Bariatric Seating Takes a Step Forwards (and Upwards)


The newest Sertain™ Intensive Care Chair is the long awaited bariatric hi-lo chair with the following specification:

  • 350KG Safe Working Load
  • 700mm – 780mm seat width

All of the usual ITU & Early Mobilisation features that you are familiar with in the Sertain™ series apply to this chair but are now available in the largest ever capacity, enabling bariatric patients on ITU to be sat out in comfort and dignity; carers, nurses and therapists are kept safe with the height adjustable seat ensuring that back care and ergonomics are looked after.

  1. Deep cell liquid gel seat cushion, with air cell backrest and visco legrest
  2. 100% layflat with removable arms / drop down wings for lateral transfers (if appropriate, hoist-free)
  3. Tilt in space seat, elevating legrest and fold out padded foot support

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